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Farm to Cup

At Stone Creek Coffee, our desire is to learn as much as we can about every point of the coffee supply chain. This desire drives us to work from Farm to Cup. We work directly with farmers at origin countries in order to ensure transparency of story and quality of product. We then desire to share what we have learned with our customers and anyone who is coffee-curious.


When a person walks into Stone Creek Coffee, it is not just about a cup of coffee. That visit is about experiencing the passion and craft behind an exotic product that western society has taken for granted for decades. We endeavor to create an environment of accessibility. We desire to teach everyone, regardless of their prior coffee education, something profound that will aid them on their coffee journey.


Learn more about our Farm to Cup program by taking a tour of our Factory HQ, listening to one of our podcasts, or sign up for our e-newsletter to stay up to date on the farms we’re partnering with to provide you with the goods.


We bring it.



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