Aeropress brew method


The Aeropress is the ideal brew method for when you need to brew coffee quickly. With our instructions, you’ll be able to brew a meticulously brewed cup of coffee in about a minute and thirty seconds. We also posted a video of how to brew with an Aeropress on Vimeo! 


Chemex brew method


The Chemex is much like the Hario V60, except that it has been around since the 1930s. This brewer has a thick paper filter, which prohibits grind particles from ending up in your brew, leading to a very clean taste profile. This brew method is also great for large groups, as the brew vessel easily holds up to 64oz of coffee.


French Press brew method

French Press

The French Press is a classic brew method and works especially well accentuating mouthfeel in heavy bodied and dark roasted coffees. Unlike other brewing methods, the French Press does not use a paper filter, rather a mesh filter attached to the plunger. This allows some of the sediment and oils that normally get filtered out to remain present in the final cup.


Hario v60 brew method

Hario v60

The Hario V60 is one of our favorite brewing devices at Stone Creek Coffee. A quick and consistent brew is easy to replicate and takes no more than three minutes and 30 seconds for a 12oz cup of coffee.


Brewing Tips

Brewing Tips

Here are our brewing tips so that you can have a great cup of Stone Creek Coffee at home:

1. USE FRESH BEANS: Beans uphold their optimal flavor characteristics when brewed as freshly as possible. Optimal characteristics in whole bean coffee last for about two weeks after purchase.

2. GRIND RIGHT BEFORE BREWING: Coffee’s aromatic compounds are quite volatile. They begin to change and dissipate within 15 minutes of grinding. Make sure to accurately grind for your particular brewing method. Example: a grind for a french press is much more coarse than a grind for a cone filter or an espresso machine. Check out our section on Brewing Methods to learn more about grind and amount of coffee to use.

3. STORING BEANS: Beans should be stored in an airtight or vacuum sealed container. Keep the beans out of direct sunlight and in an area that maintains the room’s temperature, such as a cabinet. Kitchen moisture, heat, and light should be avoided to prevent stale beans. Do not store in a refrigerator. The beans will pick up other flavors and odors which will cause the coffee to go stale.

4. USE FILTERED WATER: Using filtered water prevents unwanted flavors and minerals from polluting the coffee flavor. Cold, fresh, filtered water gives the coffee a cleaner taste.

5. KEEP EQUIPMENT CLEAN: Be sure to wipe out your grinder regularly and wash your brewing equipment after each use. Dirty equipment can cause yucky flavors that will negatively impact the coffee’s ideal characteristics.

6. BREWING RATIOS: Refer to the individual brewing guides to help you with your ratios.