Factory Tour

See where the magic happens! On the tour you’ll be able to taste what we’re all about and learn about our Farm to Cup promise. Take advantage of a cafe discount and other goodies when you visit behind the scenes. Tours are every Sunday at 9am and 11am at our Factory Cafe.

Cost: $8 (+ processing/booking fees)

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Cold Brew at Home

If you prefer your coffee over ice, then join us for this deep dive into brewing coffee cold. In this class we talk about the science of cold brewing, extraction levels, and more geeky stuff. Then we actually get our hands dirty with batch brewing, nitro-infusion, and crafting cold brew mocktails.

Cost: $100 (includes cold brewing kit), or $60 (kit not included)

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Brewing Change Featured Image

Home Brewing Methods

Learn the importance of brew ratio, grind type, water quality, and optimum conditions for brewing perfectly at home.

Cost: $60 (+ processing/booking fees)

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Espresso 101

Be a barista for a day. Learn how to pull espresso and create perfectly steamed milk.

Cost: $60 (+ processing/booking fees)

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Latte Art

Learn from one of our Barista Trainers on how to improve your latte art.

Cost: $60 (+ processing/booking fees)

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