We believe a cup of coffee has the power to heal.

Stone Creek Coffee’s Brewing Change initiative is managed 100% by Stone Creek Coffee employees and provides a platform for our employees to fulfill their social, environmental, and cultural change initiatives.

Stone Creek supports each project by providing a project coach along with company resources such as matching funds, free use of company spaces, and marketing support.

Below you will find our active and completed projects. Within each project, you will see a summary, our impact, the project leader, timeline, and how you can support our work and mission.


Current Project: Lab Coffee Donations for Bay View Community Center Food Pantry

Lab Roaster

PROJECT SUMMARY: As part of our commitments to the environment and serving our community, specifically those in need, we are donating coffee from our Cupping Lab to the Bay View Community Center Food Pantry.

IMPACT: 10-30lbs/month
PROJECT LEADER: Jessica Sheridan, Director of Coffee
PROJECT TIMELINE: February 9th, 2021 – Ongoing
Learn about bay view community center food pantry

Current Project: Composting at the factory

Brewing change image

PROJECT SUMMARY: The Bakery and Cafe teams at The Factory are composting coffee grounds and food waste through Compost Crusader. According the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, in the United States, food is the single largest category of material placed in municipal landfills, where it emits methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Municipal solid waste landfills are the third-largest source of human-related methane emissions in the United States, accounting for approximately 14.1 percent of these emissions in 2017. In the United States, food waste is estimated at between 30-40 percent of the food supply. This added up to approximately 133 billion pounds and $161 billion worth of food in 2010.

IMPACT: September 13th Update – 6,175lbs of total estimated weight diverted, 176.43 gallons of gas avoided, 25.9 seedlings planted, 3,899.07 miles driven offset per Compost Crusader.
PROJECT LEADER: Debby Strauss, Bakery Team
PROJECT TIMELINE: March 1st, 2021 – Ongoing
Learn about compost crusader

Current Project: 10,000 Thank You's - TEACHERS AND STAFF


PROJECT SUMMARY: We are donating 10,000 pounds of coffee to teachers and school staff throughout Metro Milwaukee. This school year looks different for many of us. We understand the challenges that regularly come with teaching, but especially this year with so many more barriers to overcome. To show our appreciation for those members of our community (and to keep them fueled up!), we’ve committed to make this donation over the next few months in the Milwaukee area. Stay tuned for more about this project as well as updates on our other Brewing Change initiative. You can partner with us by purchasing coffee at stonecreekcoffee.com by hitting the button below, or by stopping at any of our cafes around the greater Milwaukee area.

IMPACT: June 7th Update –  We have donated 9,017lbs so far.
PROJECT LEADER: Eric Resch, Co-owner and Founder
PROJECT TIMELINE: November 2020 – Ongoing

Current Project: ST. John's Food Bank

Carnival Brazil

PROJECT SUMMARY: In order to give back to our community, Stone Creek Coffee has donated coffee to the Open Door Cafe meal program at St. John the Evangelist in addition to volunteering there. Stone Creek donated a commercial coffee brewer and supplies the food bank with coffee for brewing during mealtimes at the Open Door Cafe on an as-needed basis.

IMPACT UPDATE: Stone Creek has donated over 500 lbs of coffee to the Open Door Cafe in addition to providing necessary supplies such as cups and coffee brewing equipment.

PROJECT LEADER: Jessica Sheridan, Director of Coffee

PROJECT TIMELINE: 2016 – Ongoing (*Currently on hold, as regular lunch services aren’t occuring. Once they resume, we’ll continue making donations.)


Current Project: Community Fridge Milwaukee

PROJECT SUMMARY: Stone Creek believes that a cup of coffee has the power to heal. In this spirit, we are now supporting the Milwaukee Community Fridge. The Milwaukee Community Fridge is a public refrigerator/pantry space that’s open 24/7 and regularly stocked with fresh food. The goal of the project is to combat food insecurity in our city. The fridge is located at the corner of 19th and Fond du Lac right outside of Tandem. Inspired by a similar project in New York, the Community Fridge group felt the need to help feed the community especially during these trying times.

IMPACT: Each month, a donation of 30, 2.25oz fractional packs of coffee will be donated to the Community Fridge.
PROJECT LEADER: Allie Weitekamp, Customer Experience Specialist
PROJECT TIMELINE: October 19th, 2020 – Ongoing


Green Dragon Featured Image

PROJECT SUMMARY: Stone Creek Coffee takes pride in supporting organizations that make our community a better place to live, work, and play. Our goal is to extend deeper within communities in which we operate, by partnering with and supporting organizations that share our values and goals. Stone Creek Coffee offers donations of brewed coffee and gift boxes for raffles. We do not make cash donations unless we are closely involved with an organization. Groups that take priority are non-profit 501c3 organizations, local schools, youth organizations, and businesses we regularly work with.

IMPACT UPDATE: Stone Creek donates a minimum of 9 gift boxes (valued at $40) each month. While we, unfortunately, cannot accommodate all of the requests we receive, the Customer Care Team regularly monitors incoming requests and works diligently to provide remarkable care.

PROJECT LEADER: Amy Felton, Director of Customer Care



CURRRENT Project: Neighbor Loaves

PROJECT SUMMARY: Stone Creek Coffee used its unused oven time and our many talented bakers to give back to our community via the Neighbor Loaves program. By purchasing Neighbor Loaves, freshly baked bread gets donated directly to the Riverwest Food Pantry. These loaves are super hearty and wholesome, made with locally milled grains. We partnered with the Artisan Grain Collaborative, Meadowlark Organics, and Lonesome Stone Milling to make this program happen.

IMPACT UPDATE: In 2020, we donated 711 loaves of bread for the Riverwest Food Pantry. In 2021, we’ve donated 248 loaves so far.

PROJECT LEADER: Kris Collett, Director of Bakery

PROJECT TIMELINE: May – November, 2020 // February 25th, 2021 – Ongoing


Completed Project: pride cookies for pride month

Brewing change image

PROJECT SUMMARY: June is Pride month. To celebrate and support the members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community, we’ve committed to donate $1 of every decorated sugar cookie purchase to the MKE LGBT Community Center.

IMPACT: $1 of every decorated sugar cookie purchase throughout June will be donated to the MKE LGBT Community Center. We sold 430 cookies, so a $430 donation will be made.

PROJECT LEADER: Eric Resch, Co-owner and Founder

PROJECT TIMELINE: June 1st, 2021 – June 30th, 2021

Learn about MKE LGBT Community Center

Completed Project: Osito Coffee Colombian Farmer Fund

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PROJECT SUMMARY: Between the COVID-19 pandemic and the struggles related to the national strike, many Colombians have basic needs going unmet or worse. Our partners at Osito Coffee have created a Farmer Fund to benefit the farmers that they work with. These funds will be distributed to farmers in two ways: it will supply over 150 farmers with hermetic sealed bags for parchment storage of their 2021-2022 crop, and it will also provide one member of each major association they work with a new drying mill.

IMPACT: For every donation made, Osito matches each donation. We made a donation of $200, and Osito matched that $200 donation. Their project goal is to raise $4000 and match that same amount, for a total of $8000 in funds.

PROJECT LEADER: Jessica Sheridan, Director of Coffee

PROJECT TIMELINE: June 25th, 2021

Learn about Osito Coffee Colombian Farmer Fund

Completed Project: children's wisconsin donations

Brew Change

PROJECT SUMMARY: For every pound of coffee beans sold in our cafes and online June 10th & 11th, we will donate $1 to Children’s Wisconsin. Help us brew change by stocking up on coffee and partner with us.

IMPACT: $528 was raised for Children’s Wisconsin.

PROJECT LEADER: Drew Pond, Director of Operations

PROJECT TIMELINE: June 10th, 2021 – June 11th, 2021

Learn about children's wisconsin


We Love Teachers

PROJECT SUMMARY: Teachers have a bigger impact on student outcomes than any other aspect of school. Every day in classrooms across Milwaukee, teachers are changing the life trajectories of their students and building the future of our communities. We’ve teamed up with our friends at City Forward Collective to bring you this short-run half pound coffee, We Love Teachers Blend.

IMPACT: $2 of every purchase of We Love Teachers will be donated to support teacher-focused programs at City Forward Collective, including the Why They Teach campaign. We sold 413 half-pounds and raised a donation of $826.
PROJECT LEADER: Melissa Perez, Co-Owner
PROJECT TIMELINE: May 20th, 2021 – June 9th, 2021

Completed Project: Buy a pound, give a pound

One day sale

SUMMARY: For each pound sold in our cafes and at stonecreekcoffee.com from March 11th – 14th, Stone Creek would donate a pound of beans to area food banks.

IMPACT: 1,989lbs of coffee was donated to area food banks, including Interchange Food Pantry, UWM Food Center & Pantry, Hunger Task Force, Ayuda Mutua Milwaukee, and Capuchin Community Services.

PROJECT LEADER Jessica Sheridan, Director of Coffee

PROJECT TIMELINE: April – May 2021

Learn about the Hunger Task Force

Completed Project: Charles E. Kubly Foundation Donation

Brewing change image

SUMMARY: Stone Creek Coffee is joining forces with the Charles E. Kubly Foundation to raise awareness about depression, support suicide prevention programs, and increase access to quality mental health resources in our communities. The Bakery will decorate special cookies that will be available for purchase in Stone Creek cafes the week of March 10th. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each cookie will be donated to the Charles E. Kubly Foundation.

IMPACT: Support the Foundation’s mission to raise awareness about depression as a mental health disease; remove the stigma associated with it, support suicide prevention programs, and improve access to quality mental health resources in our communities. We sold 103 of these decorated cookies.

PROJECT LEADER Kris Collett, Bakery Director

PROJECT TIMELINE: March 10th – March 17th, 2021

Learn about the Charles E. Kubly Foundation

Completed Project: Lead Hazard TRAINING

PROJECT SUMMARY:  Heidi attended the Milwaukee Lead and Asbestos Information Center’s courses on lead inspection and risk assessment to learn more about the hazards of lead in our community. As many people are aware, Milwaukee has many issues with lead in our drinking water, our soil, and in our older buildings.Through this training, Heidi learned ways to help people identify and deal with lead hazards to create a healthier environment for everyone.

IMPACT: A few solutions that Heidi learned from this training are to always use the cold water tap for drinking or cooking (ideally let it run for a few minutes until you feel the water get colder) and invest in a water purification system. The real dangers for lead risk are from lead paint and dust in older homes (most often found on windows, doors, stairs, porches, and floors). If the surface is flaking, peeling, or chipping, these are hazard situations. If you suspect there is a lead hazard in your home, you should contact the Department of Health Services, who can guide you through the process of having your home inspected by a licensed professional.
PROJECT LEADER: Heidi Scrimsher, Cook, Downer Kitchen
PROJECT TIMELINE: March 1st – 5th, 2021

COMPLETED Project: Dressember

PROJECT SUMMARY: What started as a fashion challenge for herself, Blythe Hill (CEO of Dressember), slowly transformed into a movement to end human trafficking. Human trafficking is a global problem, which doesn’t exclude Milwaukee. This movement is now a global event where you commit to wearing a dress or tie everyday in the month of December. The power of this small consistent action shows the force of every day advocacy to help bring the much needed awareness and finances to fight against human trafficking. My belief in this power is why I created the Dressember team, Talitha Koum. On Friday, December 4th Stone Creek gave $1 to this Dressember group, for every pound of coffee bought. We strongly believe that together we can end it.

IMPACT: Creating awareness and raising finances to fight human trafficking. Stone Creek sold 397 pounds on December 4th and donated $397 to the Dressember team, Talitha Koum.
PROJECT LEADER: Silken Bayer, Barista, Wauwatosa Stone Creek
PROJECT TIMELINE: December 1st – 31st, 2020


Wind-Powered Coffee

PROJECT SUMMARY: As a part of our environmental commitment, we began using sustainable electrical energy for all of our cafes and for the Factory. You could say that the coffee you are drinking is wind-powered. This step in conserving energy serves as an example of who we are and how we want to operate as a company. We exist to leave a positive impact on the world around us, one cup of coffee at a time.

IMPACT: This is a step in our journey to increase the use of renewable energy while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions produced by fossil fuels.
PROJECT LEADER: Eric Resch, Co-owner and Founder
PROJECT TIMELINE: October 2020 – Ongoing


Brewing Change Featured Image

PROJECT SUMMARY: Here at Stone Creek, we use a lot of coffee bags each year, roughly 200,000. We have always used bags that were reusable as we wanted to encourage people to be mindful of their waste, but we have been unable to find a great product that was also recyclable, until now. Beginning January 28th, we’ve switched out our one-pound bags to new recyclable and reusable bags. We’ll be switching over the five-pound bags in the next few months as well.

IMPACT: Instead of ending up in a landfill, our new recyclable bags can be reused to refill beans or recycled at Stone Creek Coffee cafes or communities that process #4 LDPE. So, bring your coffee bags back to an SCC cafe and help us keep plastics out of landfills!
PROJECT LEADER: Eric Resch, Co-owner and Founder
PROJECT TIMELINE: January 28th, 2021 – Ongoing

COMPLETED Project: Rally for ALY

PROJECT SUMMARY: For each half-pound bag sold, Stone Creek Coffee donated $2.00 to the Alyssa Ann Pape Endowment Fund, which helps support the Herma Heart Institute at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. In a mug of this sweet and juicy coffee, you’ll experience notes of citrus, cocoa, and cream. Click the button below to learn more about Rally for Aly.

IMPACT: We raised $956 for the Alyssa Ann Pape Endowment Fund
PROJECT LEADER: Melissa Perez, Co-owner
PROJECT TIMELINE: October 29th – November 11th, 2020

Completed Project: Bake the Vote

PROJECT SUMMARY: Bake the Vote is an international bake sale effort under the Bakers Against Racism banner to raise money for organizations working for fair elections.

Led by MK Drayna, Milwaukee-area pastry chefs and bakers got in on the action, and that included Stone Creek Coffee. Our Bakery team made and donated pastries to this citywide bake sale, and proceeds from the sale were donated to Wisconsin Voices, an organization “supporting creative ways to mobilize and empower people across the state.”
IMPACT: Proceeds from the sale were donated to Wisconsin Voices, an organization “supporting creative ways to mobilize and empower people across the state.” Our Bakery team made 100 fruit galettes that were donated.
PROJECT LEADER: Kris Collett, Director of Bakery
PROJECT TIMELINE: September 21st -27th, 2020

Completed Project: LOVE YOUR PARKS

Love Your Parks Gallery

PROJECT SUMMARY:  The Milwaukee Parks Department has faced a plethora of challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To support Milwaukee County Parks and their ‘Love Your Parks’ campaign, Stone Creek Coffee teamed up with our friends at Milwaukee County Parks to bring you a short-run, half pound bag of coffee called, Love Your Parks. $2 of every purchase of Love Your Parks was donated to Milwaukee County Parks.

IMPACT UPDATE: We sold 1,706 bags of Love Your Parks coffee. We donated $3,413 to the Milwaukee Parks Department as part of this Brewing Change collaboration. Our goal was to sell 500 bags of Love Your Parks coffee and donate over $1000 to our County Park system with our customers’ support. We crushed it! Thank You.  

PROJECT LEADER: Drew Pond, Director of Ops

PROJECT TIMELINE: August 6th – 26th, 2020


Completed Project: Social Justice Donation Matching

Amber Honey Blog

PROJECT SUMMARY: Over the Summer of 2020 and in line with Stone Creek Coffee’s social obligation to our community, all employee donations made to social justice organizations were matched by Stone Creek Coffee. Employees were encouraged to make donations to local social justice organizations making change in our community such as Wisconsin Voices and MKE LBGT Community Center.

IMPACT UPDATE: Over the course of the summer, 21 employees donated $5,077.46 to different social justice organizations across Milwaukee and the US that were matched by Stone Creek Coffee. Together, with our employees, we have donated $10,154.92.

PROJECT LEADER: Eric Resch, Managing Director and Founder

PROJECT TIMELINE: May – August, 2020


Completed Project: 1000 lbs. of Coffee

PROJECT SUMMARY: Stone Creek Coffee partnered with local food banks in March and April 2020 to donate 1,000 pounds of coffee to those in need in our community. In addition, Stone Creek Coffee highlighted community resources and food banks on our social media platforms to spread awareness of assistance available to those in need and to potential volunteers that were willing to help out.  

IMPACT UPDATE: 1,000 pounds of coffee was donated to five Milwaukee area food banks including Hunger Task Force and UW-Milwaukee Food Center and Pantry.

PROJECT LEADER: Drew Pond, Director of Ops

PROJECT TIMELINE: March – April 2020



PROJECT SUMMARY: In wake of the Black Lives Matter movement happening across our country and the tragic murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless other innocent people around our country, Stone Creek Coffee donated to the Equal Justice Initiative and Radio Milwaukee and their ‘Community Stories’ initiative to help them tell our history.

IMPACT UPDATE: $2,000 donated to Equal Justice Initiative and the Radio Milwaukee’s ‘Community Stories’ initiative.

PROJECT LEADER: Eric Resch, Managing Director and Founder


EQUAL JUSTICE INTIATIVE Radio Milwaukee - Stories

Completed Project: COVID-19 Shutdown donations

PROJECT SUMMARY: To keep all of our employees and customers safe, we shut down our cafes in mid-March due to the spread of Coronavirus. Since we weren’t going to be serving customers and our cafes held perishable products, we donated them to local food banks and shelters around Milwaukee. Donations included milk, bakery items, bottled beverages, and more.  

IMPACT UPDATE: Stone Creek Coffee donated hundreds of gallons of milk, fresh bakery, and bottle beverages to local food pantries and shelters across Milwaukee and Lake Country.

PROJECT LEADER: Karen Strange, Director of Retail