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Our company started with the idea that we are all connected, that we have a duty to one another to build a better life, a better community, and a better world. In our 25 years as a company, we’ve learned that everything is iterative, that we are all growing and changing. In that iteration, in that growth and change, is progress.

Over the years, Stone Creek Coffee has taken many forms. We are constantly learning, changing, and growing. We know that tomorrow will look different. Tomorrow will bring new challenges and new opportunities. So we embrace the future under the same conviction that started this small coffee roasting company in 1993… that we exist, not for ourselves, but for each other.


Employment at Stone Creek provides many unique opportunities for learning. Each day brings new chances to push yourself and to be pushed by your co-workers. Those on this journey with us get to work everyday in unique, comfortable spaces. Our team of Coffee Geeks are encouraged to enjoy the product we deliver to our customers, getting free coffee while at work and taking beans home with them each week. Full time positions are eligible for health, dental, and life insurance, with matching 401k and HSA benefits. Full time team members who’ve been with the company for over five years receive an all-expenses paid trip to Central America to see the origin of our coffee’s journey from Farm to Cup.

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