Invest two minutes into your morning coffee routine and start your day with a sweeter, cleaner, and juicer cup.

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We’ve all been here. You wake up, you’re groggy, and all you can think is:

Need More Sleep 
Need Coffee

But maybe your daily routine just hasn’t been cutting it lately. You want your coffee to taste more like it does when you go into the coffee shop, but you’re not quite sure how to get it there, AND you don’t think you have the time to figure it out.

At Stone Creek, we’ve got your back. Not only can you brew tasty coffee at home, but you can put in less than 2 minutes of effort to do so. Yes, you read that right — just 2 minutes! Your morning and your wallet will thank you.

Here’s the low-down:

Minute 1:
Use Fresh, Properly-Stored Coffee
For something that is so intrinsically aromatic, coffee is surprisingly good at absorbing other smells. For this reason it’s essential that coffee is properly stored in airtight containers. Keep it in a cool, dry place and try to use it within 30 days.

Measure Your Coffee
Weigh out your coffee the night before you plan to brew. This is particularly helpful if you use a grinder. Pre-weighing will prevent you from over-grinding and unnecessarily costing your beans precious freshness points. When the alarm goes off, all you have to do is grind the beans and dump them into the filter. 

Minute 2:
Grind Your Coffee
While this may be assumed, we believe it’s worth pausing to note that many a fine brew goes sour when the beans go through the grinder. Poor grinding causes variable ground particle sizes which then leads to unbalance extraction. We recommend grinding just before brewing with a good quality burr grinder. When it comes to grinders, you get what you pay for.

Use Properly Filtered Water
One of the easiest ways to get better-tasting coffee is to ensure that you’re using water that is properly filtered. Unfortunately, water straight out of the tap in most of our homes usually comes up short in one way or another. Water that is too hard, too soft, or that has unbalanced levels of dissolved solids will influence how the coffee brews, and in turn, can have a dramatic impact on the flavors in your cup. If you’ve ever brewed coffee that tasted metallic or sour, bad water is likely the culprit. For this reason, we recommend using a good quality home filtration system.

If you’re like me, you don’t have that at home, so you have to improvise. Most importantly, your water must not be distilled, and must still have some minerals in it. Many filtered bottled waters that are marketed as ‘spring’ or ‘drinking’ water will do. Alternatively, you can purchase water kits from companies such as Third Wave Water. Third Wave Water sells packets of minerals that you add to reverse osmosis or distilled water that makes it ideal for brewing, which make it a more eco-friendly option than purchasing bottled water.

Minute 3:
Treat Yourself
Don’t sweat it if you ran out of time, or if you’re struggling to get that brew dialed in. On those days, just treat yourself to a cup of coffee from your favorite Stone Creek cafe. It may just be the perfect inspiration for what you want to achieve while brewing at home. Who knows, you might even get some tips or suggestions from one of our awesome baristas. Or, at very least, you can pick up some freshly roasted beans for your next brew.

Happy brewing!

At Stone Creek Coffee social responsibility is a foundational element of our identity. We believe that a commitment to the environment must coexist with other elements of social responsibility for a holistic approach to doing our best for the world and others.

Stone Creek Coffee will regularly audit, and identify, areas of environmental strength and weakness within the overall operations of the organization.  We will attempt toreduce any negative impacts to air, surface water, ground water, public health, community quality of life, employee health while producing coffee that is sweet, clean and juicy. Stone Creek Coffee will strive for continual improvement in pollution prevention while meeting or exceeding all regulations. 

Jessica Sheridan, Director of Coffee 
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