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Have you ever wanted to learn how to pull a shot on an espresso bar? Do you want to learn how to best use that Chemex you got for your birthday? Sign up for one of our Home Barista Workshops and learn, hands on, how to brew your coffee better! Click on a class link below to register.

Introduction to Small Brew Methods

In this hands on workshop, participants will get a crash course on the science of coffee brewing, learning about extraction, ratios, strength, TDS, and more. Participants will also get to taste a lot of coffee (we want to know what good and bad coffee taste like). You'll also get hands on experience with multiple brew methods, including the V60 Pour Over, Chemex, Aeropress, and French Press. This class typically lasts 3 hours. 

Dates: August 6.

Cost: $35


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Introduction to Espresso

Intro to Espresso Theory - Home Barista Series: Learn the fundamentals of espresso in this hands on workshop. Each participant will get the chance to dial in and understand multiple types of espresso, learn how to properly run a grinder and espresso bar, pull shots of espresso, learn how to steam milk, and learn the basics of latte art. This class typically runs about 3 hours.

Dates: July 9, August 13.

Cost: $35  


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Latte Art Workshop

Learn how to make latte art designs in this specialized workshop. The instructor will guide attendees through basic pours as well as more advanced techniques, while coaching each attendee personally. Prior experience on an espresso machine is recommended! Maximum Class Size:  4 

Dates: Coming soon...

Cost: $50


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Factory Tour and Tasting

Join us every Sunday at 12pm for a tour of the Stone Creek Coffee Factory. Tours will start promptly at noon.  Participants will get the opportunity to learn more about coffee, starting at origin and tracing its path from seed to cup. We'll tour the green storage area, roasting facility, cupping lab, and training center. There will also be plenty of free coffee!  

Cost: Free


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The Stone Creek Coffee Factory
422 N. 5th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53203
Tel: 414-270-1008
Fax: 414-273-1251