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Remarkable Care


Care that is remarkable must warrant a “remark.” This differentiates “care” from “customer service.” We at Stone Creek do not pride ourselves on our ability to “serve” our customers. We endeavor to show the care that we have for them, care that is a part of who we are as people. We’re serious about this commitment. We’ll go to nearly any length to take care of a customer or partner. We’ve built wells for farmers in Burundi, rallied for disaster relief in Guatemala, provided Never Stop Learning opportunities for children and families across our communities, and much more. We also review the environmental impact that our coffee farms have within their local community and support efforts to reduce their environmental impact as much as possible.


Stone Creek Coffee also supports local nonprofit organizations through its philanthropic efforts. Each year, we donate coffee to hundreds of non-profit community groups, including hundreds of pounds of whole bean coffee and thousands of free lattes.

We donate to organizations within our local community according to the following guidelines:

  • We believe in supporting the community that supports us. We prefer to donate to organizations that share our neighborhoods and whose members are our customers.  Just as we enjoy knowing our customers, we like to have a relationship with those whom we support through our donations.  
  • We donate to charitable, educational and not-for-profit organizations that have a clear goal and specific purpose for the funds raised through donations.  
  • We prefer to donate directly to the benefiting group, rather than to one organization raising money on behalf of another.  
  • We do not offer monetary donations, sponsorship, or support through advertisements.  
  • We believe in giving careful time and attention to our decisions and commitments.  For this reason, we cannot consider requests that are submitted later than one month in advance of a donation request date.

Please email all requests to info@stonecreekcoffee.com.  We will contact you within one week of receiving your donation request.



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