Brought to you each summer to celebrate the season of sunshine and all of the happiness it has to offer, Fest is a medium roasted Burundian coffee that will knock your socks off, even if you’re rockin’ out from home. With notes of berries, citrus, and cream, Fest is sure to make you feel festive.

It’s hot. It’s festive. It has mutant powers. It’s a party in a cup.

This is a limited time offering and will only be available until August 26th. Be sure to grab a bag while we still have it!


At Stone Creek Coffee social responsibility is a foundational element of our identity. We believe that a commitment to the environment must coexist with other elements of social responsibility for a holistic approach to doing our best for the world and others.

Stone Creek Coffee will regularly audit, and identify, areas of environmental strength and weakness within the overall operations of the organization.  We will attempt toreduce any negative impacts to air, surface water, ground water, public health, community quality of life, employee health while producing coffee that is sweet, clean and juicy. Stone Creek Coffee will strive for continual improvement in pollution prevention while meeting or exceeding all regulations. 

Jessica Sheridan, Director of Coffee 
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