Our Environmental Pledge

At Stone Creek Coffee, social responsibility is a foundational element of our identity. We believe that a commitment to the environment must coexist with other elements of social responsibility for a more holistic approach to doing our best for the world and others.

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Coffee Geeks

Customer Care Specialist

Amy Felton
Director of Customer Care

Annaliese Frailey
Kitchen Manager

Val Newhouse
Marketing Communications Manager

Bryan Kraft
Director of Production

Drew Pond
Director of Retail and Operations

Eric Resch
Managing Director and Founder

Melissa Perez

Garrett McGowan
Director of Finance

Hailey Barsch
Director of Education

Harmony Krafttakacs
Marketing Project Manager

Jes Rutherford
Lead Production Roaster

Jessica Sheridan
Director of Coffee

Karen Strange
Retail Hub Director

Katie Keenan
Employee Care Specialst

Kim Dunn
Design Manager