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Melissa Perez  Co-Owner

The first time I fell in love with the ritual of coffee was when Eric and I went for a long hike along the Piedra River in Colorado. He had introduced me to the wonder that is fly-fishing, and he capped off the beautiful experience by unpacking his kit by the water to make us two tiny cups of coffee. I remember that we were both really grubby while he handed me a demitasse of black gold. I took in the scenery before us and had the epiphany that perhaps *this* is what Eric meant by “SIP SLOWLY.” My interpretation is that it’s to reflect upon my past, present and future in very small simple moments such as this one by the river... 

As Eric’s wife and the co-owner of Stone Creek Coffee, I have many hats. My main hat is as the mom of our three young kiddos. My second hat is as a User Experience Designer for Gomoll Research + Design. I received my Master’s in Human-Computer-Interaction from the University of Michigan. As a result of both my UX profession and my ownership of our business, I took on small projects every now and then for Stone Creek. Together, we have decided to clarify my role for everyone by placing all online responsibilities under an additional third hat with the title of “Digital Experience Director.” While we move forward with the next and exciting generation of the new Stone Creek Coffee, I’m really excited to be able to share all that we have been tinkering and developing behind the scenes. Get ready…

Email me: mperez@stonecreekcoffee.com.

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