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Marshall Welch  Director of Partnerships

I got into the coffee biz when my family decided to take a small display of flavored coffees in their bookstore and turn it into a full cafe in the storage area in the back.  We bought some used equipment and I went from barely drinking any coffee ever to running a cafe overnight.  At the time I was mostly enamored with the idea of managing a coffee shop, but in reality had zero idea of what it meant to produce high quality coffee.  Fortunately, my intrigue and passion only increased the more my experience grew, even after I left my hometown for school.

Even though I started my own café, the idea of a full time job in the coffee industry was a pretty foreign concept.  There weren’t a lot of coffee roasters in the rural south (where I grew up), after all.  In the decade or so since I started that coffee shop I’ve worked in marketing, sales, athletics, graphic design, even started an outdoor products company, but my passion has always been coffee.  It just never occurred to me that it was possible to work for a coffee company other than in a coffee shop.

Somehow I finagled my way into a job with Stone Creek and haven’t looked back.  The amount of passion and drive for quality coffee is so evident by the people that work here.  I used to be the biggest coffee geek among family and friends and now I’m not even in the top 50% of coffee geekiness!!  It’s a great thing to be a part of, and the ‘perks’ are great…


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