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Lindsay Crites  Retail Hub Director

Growing up surrounded by a rambunctious 5 brothers, I cherished the opportunities I received to go to a quiet coffee shop with my mom and dad.  At a young age, my hard working Dad introduced me to boldness of Americanos, and my patient yet efficient Mom, the simple sweetness of Mochas.  Two very different drinks preferred by two very different people.  Everyday I am grateful for my parents specific traits which helped create the person I am today. 

With a splash of hard work, and a shot of efficiency I started off my coffee career in high school working at a nearby coffee shop.  I grew more and more interested in Management and Customer Care which lead me to assisting in cafes all over the area.    After some time, I was introduced to Stone Creek Coffee and I was enthralled with the drive for quality and I wanted a piece of the action!  I started my career at SCC in 2016 at our Lake Country Area Cafes, committed to creating a quality experience for every customer, and have been savoring every sip since.  In my free time, you can find me out brunching or hiking with my husband, or learning to be the best mother I can be to our new daughter.

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