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Kim Dunn  Design Manager

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had an artistic side with a strong passion for drawing. Not many people can say that they were able to relay that passion into a career but I’ve been blessed to do just that! What started with a blank sheet of paper and a well-sharpened set of Crayola’s years ago has evolved into a full-time role.

As the Design Coordinator for Stone Creek Coffee, my role is to create all of the marketing materials for the company. From catalogs to signs to our coffee labels and everything in between! It’s been a role full of challenges and hard work, but also a role full of fun! I mean, where else can you work that you can say “I draw pictures all day?”

On top of that, I also get to work for a company that I can truly stand behind everything they do! Stone Creek Coffee produces a product I love (coffee!), treats employees with the upmost respect, and is involved with the community that supports it! It’s everything I’ve ever looked for in a company.

When I’m not working at the Factory, you’ll find me out and about around the city, enjoying life with my husband and our two children, Colton and Callie.

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