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Katie Keenan  Employee Care Coordinator

Coffee has been a staple in my life in a lot of different ways as I’ve grown. As a kid, days spent with my mom and sister would revolve around making at least one pit stop to get coffee. Fast forward to now, I get to make a career out of it. Working in the coffee industry for some time now has made me realize there’s much more to it than a cup of coffee—and that’s what I love.

Stone Creek Coffee is everything I value in a career and lifestyle. It’s pretty awesome seeing people do what they love everyday. In my role as an Employee Care Coordinator, I hope to help people find a role that’ll make them as happy as it has made me throughout the years. 

Other than the work stuff, I am pretty much doing anything and everything to keep busy. You can catch me rooting for WI sports, snappin’ pics and making people laugh. I’ve done a few (half) marathons with hopes of one day completing an Ironman (stretch goal). Fam and friends keep me grounded and coffee keeps me moving!

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