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Jes Rutherford  Lead Production Roaster

Hi, I’m Jes.  I was born in a small town outside of Gary, Indiana, and that town was called Chicago.  My journey to becoming a coffee roaster has stemmed from a lifelong love of coffee, and the sense of community it’s always provided me.  From late night diner coffee with my friends in high school, to helping me stay focused to fly planes, from fueling my tank after staying out all night on purpose, to fueling my tank after staying up all night with the kiddo, coffee has always been a constant.

While I’ve worked in variety of fields, I’ve found that I’m happiest working with my hands. I really began this path while I was living in Nashville, picking cilantro and hand making tamales at Mas Tacos Por Favor, then roasting cacao beans and making chocolate for Olive and Sinclair. I’m so lucky to have stumbled upon this opportunity, as the intricacies of roasting coffee suit the nerd in me.  

I love thinking of how the coffee I roast becomes a part of the lives of so many people. As an introvert, this provides me an outlet to share my passions with others while remaining in my comfort zone. For me, being able to do so as a professional career is both beautiful and humbling. 

Outside of work I am a bike geek, a book geek, a food geek, a tea geek, an art geek, a hort geek, a movie geek, an embroidery junkie, and a very nerdy mama. I love hearing people’s stories, being in nature, being with family and going on adventures. 

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