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Jasmine Bianes  Account Manager

My earliest and fondest memories involve coffee. Whether it was ordering “decaf, please” as a small child at a restaurant, or going to my beloved hometown coffee shop with my grandparents, coffee always played a role. As I grew older, my love of coffee grew too. I landed my first barista gig right out of high school and  found coffee to be my greatest companion through college.

I hardly knew a soul when I transferred to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee from a very small college my junior year. The first time I walked into Stone Creek Coffee I knew I found where I was supposed to be. I worked as a barista here for about a year and a half before I felt obligated to switch to a job more focused on my major, Kinesiology. After a very short time away from the company I realized that coffee was what I wanted to do with my life and Stone Creek Coffee was where I wanted to be. Nine months later, I again found myself knocking on the door of Stone Creek, this time stepping into the role of Customer Care Coordinator.

When I’m not over-caffinating myself you can find me running around with my puppy, Lucy, or strumming away on my guitar.

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