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Heidi Zeimantz  Account Manager

About 4 years ago I moved to Milwaukee after finishing up schooling out of state. I came to Stone Creek Coffee on a friend's recommendation and found it's atmosphere, people, and coffee remarkable. After that I would find myself popping in every location I came across for the experience and the coffee. When I attended my first Factory Tour I became hooked on more than Stone Creek's coffee, but their mission. I was blown away by all the coffee education, focus on a local and global community, and the passion to never stop learning. Through these experiences as a customer I found myself wanting to be a part of it.

Since I started working here, it has exceeded all my expectations. I am a coffee geek helping and working with other coffee geeks--it's great! I am proud to be working for a company that focuses on community and education constantly. Sip slowly and never stop learning!

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