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Hailey Barsch  Director of Education

Coffee has been a key ingredient in my development as, not only a coffee professional, but as an individual as well. My earliest memories include my father and mother brewing coffee every morning. My father would brew an entire pot just for himself. My mother, on the other hand, would brew coffee for herself throughout the day. Their rituals resonate with me today as I make my own morning thermos of coffee and brew regularly throughout my day.

In college I realized that I could not find a subject that interested me as much as the coffee I needed to help me study. So, I applied to Stone Creek Coffee during the summer break leading into my senior year of college. I began as a barista and worked my way through many roles. I have served as a Cafe Coach, Master Barista, Coach Mentor, and Wholesale Developer. 

Since 2011 I have traveled the country for SCA events and  Barista Competitions. In 2013 I was privileged to open our Radio Milwaukee Cafe. Eventually my relationship with this company brought me to get my first passport as I was invited on a company trip to Antigua, Guatemala, where many of my best coffee memories now live. 

Today, I have the opportunity to share my numerous experiences and help develop this company with my new role as I train, develop curriculum and quality expectations for Stone Creek Coffee.

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