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Garrett McGowan  Director of Accounting

I believe in the duality of coffee. Coffee provides an intensely individual experience: it uniquely interacts with our tastes and preferences and it informs our daily routines. At the same time, the coffee experience is intrinsically social. Whether it is at the local cafe, in the corporate office, or around the family table, the ritual of brewing and consuming coffee facilitates community. My introduction to such a ritual calls to memory my Grandfather and his nightly pot of decaf. As each day of our visit would come to an end, my family would gather around the table to share stories and sip - moments that still resonate with me today.

When I moved to Milwaukee and visited Stone Creek Coffee, I quickly became enamored with the craft coffee culture. I saw a local community that was willing to take the time to sip slowly, to enjoy the moment and the people around them. I also recognized a company that provided a space, both literally and culturally, to facilitate this practice. 

I work alongside passionate, qualified professionals that seek radical transparency, that strive to never stop learning, and that take intense pride in their craft. My role as the Director of Finance enables me to engage in both the daily financial operations of the organization as well as the broad strategic planning. I join in the passion of my colleagues - simple bean counting is reserved for home brewing and inventory counts.

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