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Drew Pond  Director of Retail and Operations

During my first semester in grad school, studying counseling, I started working at a small town coffee shop. Though at the time I was being indoctrinated with the “sweeter is better” mentality I began to learn for myself the potential coffee held as a personal experience, life passion, and potential career. During my year at that shop I started reading books about coffee, taught myself latte art, and finally started drinking my coffee black.

My passion for coffee has only grown. It is not so much an obsession as it is an aspect of my identity. It is not caffeine addiction; it is a pursuit of perfection, of mind-blowing experience. Coffee stands as a pillar of my days beyond the need to wake up and beyond the fact that it is what I do for a living. It is truly a thing I love.  

My pursuit of perfection and life manifests itself through relationships and other hobbies. I love to go on “adventures” with my lovely wife, who is a Stone Creek Barista, I pursue friendships and hangouts to a tiring extent, and I get terribly excited about all things craft, from design and fashion to food and beverage.  

The opportunity to build and guide the teams of Stone Creek to focus on producing and delivering perfect coffee is a dream for me. I’m excited to get out of bed and come to work each and every day. I’m very passionate about the people who work here and the product that has brought us together.

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