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Chloe Staub  Tasting and Roasting Technician

My passion for coffee originates in my love of Spanish language and Latin American culture. Back in 2014, I had the opportunity to live for a year in Chiapas, Mexico. Having been a student of Hispanic Studies in undergrad, I was drawn to Mexico as an opportunity to become immersed in a beautiful, neighboring culture and solidify my language skills. During my time there, I was exposed to the vibrant coffee culture that thrives on both the consumer and producer sides of the industry. This experience made me fall in love with coffee because I was able to see first-hand how intertwined the industry is with Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

Since then, I have traveled to many other parts of Latin America such as Peru, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic, seeking out opportunities to experience the coffee scene everywhere I went. When I finally settling back into Milwaukee after several years of bouncing around the world, I knew I wanted to explore a coffee career with aspirations of someday working in green coffee.

Having the opportunity to be a part of the Roasting and Green Coffee Team at Stone Creek Coffee has allowed me to dive into the origin side of the supply chain, and gain a better understanding of the meticulous care that producers pour into cultivating, processing and harvesting their coffee. My favorite part of the job is being involved in the purchasing decisions of coffee that we find from all over the world. I also really enjoy the process of figuring out how we want to roast each particular coffee, which we call “roast profiling”. I’m proud to be working with Jessica Sheridan (Director of Coffee) and Jes Rutherford (Lead Production Roaster), as we form an all-female roast team which is relatively uncommon, as roasting has been largely occupied by men for decades.

In my free time, you can find me volunteering as a Spanish medical interpreter, training for my next marathon, and just hanging out in different coffee shops around my hometown of Milwaukee.

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