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Austin Aalsma  Lead Barista Trainer

If you would have asked me the classic question "Where do you see yourself in five years?" five years ago, I would not have said Stone Creek Coffee.

I grew up on a dairy farm in Waupun, also known as Prison City. I moved to Indianapolis, Indiana to finish High School where I got my first job working in the coffee industry. When I graduated from high school I moved back to good ole Waupun and worked at another cafe during college. I should have known coffee was in my future. I then, somehow, ended up in MKE where I was studying visual arts and was introduced to Stone Creek Coffee by visiting the Factory location where the barista got me super into the coffee they served me. I was interested in working here, and later I applied for a job and was lucky enough to be hired and worked full time at the Glendale, Radio, and Wawautosa locations. Now I'm the Lead Barista trainer! 

If being in coffee wasn't enough, I never thought I would become a Barista Trainer, let alone the Lead Barista Trainer. When I started here I planned to use this job to get by until finding my true career path. However, as it is for many of us at SCC, I stayed and made this my career without ever planning to do so. I am extremely grateful to God and for the amazing people here at SCC for giving me the chance to work with them. I love SCC and am extremely excited to see where the company is going!

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