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Annaliese Frailey  Kitchen Manager

Food has always been associated with family to me. I had the great privilege of growing up with a pack of brothers that were always willing to try whatever I concocted.  I fell in love with cooking at a young age and decided to pursue it as a career in Middle School. I remember I baked a figgy pudding for a science project to demonstrate electrons in atoms, and my science teacher told me I could have a career in the culinary world. That idea tickled my brain and, well, here I am.

After high school I attended Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte, North Carolina to earn my Culinary Arts degree. From there I bopped around for awhile and worked in as many different types of restaurants as possible, learning as many skills as I could. I was blessed with awesome chefs that took me under their wing and showed me the inner workings of the Back of the House. 

When I moved to Wisconsin and learned that Stone Creek Coffee was opening a kitchen, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Breakfast has always been my favorite meal. Back home breakfast is a time for my family to come together and eat my dad's famous (or infamous depending on the day) pancakes. I strive to produce that same warm feeling for those who are able to eat the food we cook in the Stone Creek Coffee Kitchen. 

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