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Summer’s heating up, but that’s not stopping you from getting your coffee fix while camping. There isn’t much more idyllic of a summertime scene than sipping on a mug of coffee by your morning campfire. To help you accomplish your camp coffee #goals, we’ve brought you this Brew Better Guide, Camping Edition.

Though this guide discusses how to brew with an AeroPress, the world truly is your oyster. If you’re not afraid of bringing along glass, a French Press works great, especially since you can set it and forget it. 

What You’ll Need

AeroPress Recipe

Now that you have everything you need, you’re ready to camp and brew delicious fireside coffee. Here’s a recipe that we like to use for our AeroPress: 

  1. Weigh or measure out 20g of whole bean or ground coffee. If you don’t have a scale, 20g is roughly ¼ C of ground coffee.
  2. Place AeroPress filter in filter basket and rinse filter with hot water. Set aside.
  3. Place plunger of AeroPress in the chute, flip upside down on scale, and tare scale. If you don’t have a scale, place on a hard, clean surface such as a picnic table or bench.
  4. Grind coffee fine (if not already) and pour into chamber.
  5. When water is 195-205*F, or just off of boil, pour in 80g and start timer. For those of you who don’t have a scale, that’s a little more than ¼ filled in the AeroPress. 
  6. Stir 3 times with AeroPress stir-stick or something else you have on hand (knife, fork, spoon, etc.)
  7. When timer is at 30 seconds, fill to 200g. If you’re doing it by sight, the AeroPress should be filled nearly to the top once you’ve added all of the water you need to.
  8. At one minute, stir 3 times and place filter basket securely on top of AeroPress. 
  9. Place brew vessel on top of AeroPress and swiftly flip everything right side up.
  10. Plunge down, pushing until you hear a hiss, or there is no more coffee coming out of the basket.  
  11. Kick back, relax, and sip slowly!
At Stone Creek Coffee social responsibility is a foundational element of our identity. We believe that a commitment to the environment must coexist with other elements of social responsibility for a holistic approach to doing our best for the world and others.

Stone Creek Coffee will regularly audit, and identify, areas of environmental strength and weakness within the overall operations of the organization.  We will attempt toreduce any negative impacts to air, surface water, ground water, public health, community quality of life, employee health while producing coffee that is sweet, clean and juicy. Stone Creek Coffee will strive for continual improvement in pollution prevention while meeting or exceeding all regulations. 

Jessica Sheridan, Director of Coffee 
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