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***Due to the current spread of COVID-19 we are suspending our public classes and our tours until further notice. Please check back soon as we will resume these activities as soon as the threat is past.***  


Learn about our company’s history, the Farm-to-Cup coffee journey, and get a behind-the-scenes look at how we operate. We aim to be thorough, educational, and fun by covering everything from coffee growing seasons to the art of specialized roasting. The tour takes place every Sunday at noon and is 100% free.

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  • The tour starts at the Factory Cafe.
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  • Private tours are available for $100 per group. There is an additional fee of $5 per person for parties of more than 20.  




The factory was built in 1888 by Burnham and Root, who was one of Chicago's most famous architectural companies of the nineteenth century. It was established by John Wellborn Root and Daniel Hudson Burnham.


During their eighteen years of partnership, Burnham and Root designed and built residential and commercial buildings. Their success was crowned with the coordination of the World's Columbian Exposition (World's Fair) in 1893. Unfortunately, Root died in 1891, leaving his greatest project incomplete. Burnham, despite only having practical experience and no formal training in the field of architecture, was then given the responsibility to finish coordinating the fair. When it opened from June to November 1893, it was a complete success.


Other buildings they are known for are: First National Bank building on Water Street and Rookery Building and Masonic Temple in Chicago.


Fun Fact: Paul Starrett who joined Burnham and Root in 1888, later went on to design the Empire State Building.

  • 1888 – Built by Burnham and Root (Owner: Davidson & Sons)
  • 1890 – Magie Bros. Oil Company
  • 1891 – Magie Bros. Oil Company
  • 1893 – Crystal Soap Company of Milwaukee (Toilet Soaps)
  • 1919 – Crystal Soap Company of Milwaukee acquired by Palmolive
  • 1924 – Crystal Soap/Palmolive moves to Chicago
  • 1946 – Herlic Corp. (Manufacturer/Assembly of Radio Parts)
  • 1953 – Freedman – Mathews Corp (Manufacturer of plaster and plastic items)
  • Unknown Year – Hosiery & lingerie knitting mill
  • 1958 – Boston Store Warehouse (Housing dry goods)
  • 1965 – Modern Fixture (Manufacturer of tavern and store fixtures)
  • 1967 – Basic Fixtures, Inc. (Interiors for stores and restaurants)
  • 1975 – Programmer Cleaners, Inc. (Floor cleaning equipment)
  • 1975 – Wood working shop
  • 1992 – 5th Avenue Antiques
  • 1999 – Stone Creek Coffee HQ and Factory Cafe 

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