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IT IS WHAT IT IS - a podcast about learning by Stone Creek Coffee


Listen to Drew Pond, our Director of Retail and Operations, take you on a journey for an inside look into all things Stone Creek Coffee. These podcasts are also available for free on iTunes

NOW PLAYING: The People: Amy Felton - Director of Customer Care
January 30, 2020, 32 minutes

As we begin to roll out new podcast episodes in 2020, we're starting a series spotlighting Stone Creek Coffee team members, their stories, and the work they do to bring coffee from farms across the world to the cups of our guests and partners.

The People: Amy Felton - Director of Customer Care

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The People: Amy Felton - Director of Customer Care
January 30, 2020, 32 minutes

As we begin to roll out new podcast episodes in 2020, we're starting a series spotlighting Stone Creek Coffee team members, their stories, and the work they do to bring coffee from farms across the world to the cups of our guests and partners.

Right People, Right Place, Right Time
February 25, 2019, 28 minutes

We are only the product of the people who work here. That can be a great thing, or it can be a bad thing. Drew & Eric take 30 minutes in this episode to talk about the work we're doing to put the right people, in the right role, at the right time.

Radical Transparency
February 11, 2019, 30 minutes

Building a company full of people with diverse perspectives can prove tremendously valuable in improving the quality of your thinking if they share with factual justification and honesty.

Renovating Roasting
January 28, 2019, 28 minutes

We've been working hard to become better coffee roasters. After 25 years of experience, we know that can still get better. In this week's episode, Drew and Eric talk through the process we used to help us renovate and rejuvenate how we roast coffee.

January 14, 2019, 26 minutes

In this episode we go for the trifecta as Drew and Eric talk about the third pillar that makes our company what it is. We are #CoffeeGeeks who #NeverStopLearning, but what we create is #RemarkableCare.

December 31, 2018, 28 minutes

Expounding on the second of the Stone Creek Coffee company pillars, Drew and Eric talk about what the mantra "Never Stop Learning" means to our company. The mere acquisition of facts falls short of "learning" as we define it.

We Are #CoffeeGeeks
December 17, 2018, 32 minutes

Drew and Eric explore the first of the pillars that make up our company identity as they discuss what it means to be a Stone Creek Coffee Geek.

Stone Creek Coffee 3.0
December 3, 2018, 33 minutes

We're excited to bring you a new version of our podcast. This round will be devoted to telling the story of the work that happens at Stone Creek Coffee every day. We're calling it: It Is What It Is.

Ep 46: Growing at Origin
February 10, 2017, 32 minutes

Recorded in Antigua, Guatemala, this episode features Drew interviewing Adrian Cabrera about what it's like to learn the coffee business from the point of origin.

Ep 45: Tips for Barista Noobs
January 22, 2017, 35 minutes

With so many things to manage on a given shift, it can be tough for a new professional barista to focus and improve. Drew & Christian pass along a few tips from experience behind the counter and in management.

Ep 44: Fermentation
January 8, 2017, 34 minutes

Coffee is a fermented food. For real. Being the fans of fermentation they are, Drew and Chrstian talk through the practical and experiential implications of fermentation for the #coffeegeek.

Ep 43: Coffee Cocktails
December 24, 2016, 31 minutes

Just in time for Christmas, Christian whips up some awesome coffee cocktails while Drew drinks them. Follow along as you listen by checking out the blog at stonecreekcoffee.com/blog.aspx

Ep 44: Fermentation
December 24, 2016, 34 minutes

Did you know coffee is a fermented food product? For real. Drew and Christian, being the fans of fermentation they are, walk through its relevance for the #coffeegeek.

Ep 42: Dialing In - Espresso
December 12, 2016, 28 minutes

Listen along as Drew and Christian embrace the dangers of caffeine over-dose, in order to provide pulling-parameter guidlines as they pull a classic and light espressos from the SCC coffee line.

Ep 41: Dialing In - Manual Brew
November 27, 2016, 31 minutes

At the behest of our esteemed listeners, DP & CO are back in the lab walking e'erbody through the steps required to take an unknown coffee into the money zone.

Ep 40: Coffee in Food
November 14, 2016, 29 minutes

We're putting coffee in everything else, so why not put it on our meat? CO brings a pork rub to today's episode as we talk through flavor compounds and the benefits of cooking with good coffee.

Ep 39: BulletProof Coffee
October 31, 2016, 38 minutes

Sometimes you bite the bullet, literally. In this episode, Drew and Christian gulp down a week's worth of BulletProof coffee to try and find out what it actually does to you. Listen in for their 5-day journey.

Ep 38: Coffee Beers
October 17, 2016, 30 minutes

Coffee beers are about as popular as barrel-aged things. Unfortunately, achieving the perfect amalgam of coffee and beer can be a pain in the glutes. DP & CO talk through the forces at play.

Ep 37: Barrel Aged Coffee
October 3, 2016, 32 minutes

Barrel aged coffee is showing up in craft roasters with increasing frequency. Using science, DP & CO assess the fad while suffering the slings and arrows of a rather outrageous aged product.

Ep 36: Tea in a Coffee Shop
September 19, 2016, 27 minutes

Tea is delicious. We love it, granted we love coffee more, but we love tea enough to talk about it. Therefore, in this episode we unload the SCC philosophy of tea service.

Ep 35: Trends, Fads, & Market Evolution
September 5, 2016, 29 minutes

Instant coffee, pods, and pressure-profiled espresso are all on the move. DP & CO discuss whether the direction is into a sustainable market position or to the compost pile of doom.

Ep 34: Coffee Expansion
August 22, 2016, 25 minutes

Stone Creek Coffee is expanding to Madison, WI! Drew and Christian here discuss the "why" as well as the pros and cons of such a move.

Ep 33: Dead Shots
August 8, 2016, 35 minutes

Espresso is a thing that can leave you perplexed. DP & CO here discuss the mythical "dead shot" and other espresso conundrums.

Ep 32: Show Me the Money
July 25, 2016, 34 minutes

Why does specialty coffee cost so much? Per Drew & Christian, it's dang hard to *bring it* sustainable from Farm to Cup. Listen in for the deets on how we do it.

Ep 31: Sustainability
July 11, 2016, 40 minutes

"Sustainable" is a popular buzz word in specialty coffee currently. This is a great thing. It spurs conversations to promote coffee into the future. DP & CO raise some points here in hopes of assuring these conversations consider all necess...

Vintage 2016: History of a Coffee Company
June 27, 2016, 49 minutes

Stone Creek's founder, Eric Resch, joins Drew and Christian to talk at a meta level through the history of the company, from the days before Starbuck came to Milwaukee up to the present state of perpetual reinvention.

Ep 29: The Cafe Drink Menu
June 13, 2016, 35 minutes

One cafe owner years back decided to put their degree in linguistics to good use and confuse coffee-shop patrons in perpetuity, leaving many of us to wonder, "What exactly are those drinks on that chalkboard menu?" DP & CO rock their normal...

Ep 28: Buying Beans
May 30, 2016, 41 minutes

Deciphering the hieroglyphics that grace the bags of coffee beans at your specialty coffee shop can be a pain in the glutes, even disheartening, for the rookie coffeegeek. Drew and Christian take 40 minutes to help explain what bags say, or...

Ep 27: Cold Brew - Poppin' Bottles
May 16, 2016, 34 minutes

The world of Cold Brew continues to evolve. Drew and Christian step into the growing Kosmos for the second time. This time they address the specialty coffee industry's total lack of definition for what Cold Brew is and they talk about the g...

Ep 26: Anniversary Q & A
May 2, 2016, 37 minutes

Recapping one year of casting pods, Drew and Christian answer listeners' questions about coffee preferences, caffeine, rough cups, and hopes & dreams.

Ep 25: Home Espresso
April 18, 2016, 32 minutes

Pulling great espresso at home requires the taming of a handful of dragons. Drew and Christian walk through espresso variables with particular reference to the home barista and their equipment to help bring the elusive elixir to family tabl...

Ep 24: Coffee Careers Pt. 2
April 4, 2016, 36 minutes

Sometimes the first step is the hardest. The paths of Drew, Christian and Sam wind in very different ways through their careers in coffee and to their current roles at Stone Creek Coffee.

Ep 23: Coffee Careers Pt. 1
March 20, 2016, 21 minutes

Drew and Christian are joined by Stone Creek's Lead Barista, Sam Brown, to talk about personal growth in the coffee industry. The point of the conversation is to help inspire and guide those interested in pursuing a career in coffee.

Ep 22: Coffee Hacks
March 7, 2016, 25 minutes

Sometimes, in order to make the most out of your coffee you have to MacGyver the crap out of it. DP and CO give some tips to get the job done graciously and without the dreaded coffee snobbery.

Ep 21: Sweet, Clean, & Juicy
February 22, 2016, 27 minutes

Yukon Cornelius, talking to a young Rudolph, said it best, "You eat what you like, and I'll eat what I like." We've applied this age-old wisdom to coffee sourcing and roasting. In this episode DP & CO describe the coffees SCC is after.

Ep 20: Colombia: We're Here for the Coffee
February 8, 2016, 21 minutes

DP, CO, and Stone Creek Coffee are out to put Colombia in the spotlight during the month of February. This country produces coffee like a boss. We've fallen in love with the beans we've brought from Colombian Farms to MKE Cups.

Ep 19: #FarmToCup2016
January 25, 2016, 30 minutes

Recorded in Guatemala, this special episode includes perspectives on origin travel from the SCC coffee buyers, Christian and Eric (our founder), and from a coffee producer at Finca San Jeronimo.

Ep 18: Home Brewing Fumbles
January 11, 2016, 20 minutes

Sometimes you sit down at home with your coffee, and you're left wondering why it doesn't taste like what you had at the coffee shop. CO & DP talk through common fumbles and give tips for how to improve your home brewing methods.

Ep 17: Cafe Matchmaking
December 28, 2015, 25 minutes

Finding the right coffee joint can be a pain in the glutes. DP & CO talk about the different kinds of cafes and how to find the one best for you.

Ep 16: Food Pairings & Flavor Perception
December 14, 2015, 21 minutes

The flavors perceived in coffee are dramatically altered by the foods or other beverages partaken with it. In this episode, Drew and Christian work through sweet, salty, sour, and bitter food pairings with light and dark coffees.

Ep 15: The Dark Side
November 30, 2015, 35 minutes

The "Dark Roast." The oft-lauded, oft-hated, oft-misunderstood. No longer. Drew and Christian talk about palates, preferences, history, and the science behind it all.

Ep 14: Memoirs of a "Gesha"
November 16, 2015, 19 minutes

The specialty coffee world be all up on gesha coffees. Drew and Christian explain how and why this coffee variety has become the source of much hype, fan-fare, and major dolla-signs.

Ep 12: Coffee Sourcing: Importers
October 19, 2015, 27 minutes

Drew and Christian continue their conversation about green coffee sourcing, this time discussing the role coffee importers play in helping different kinds of roasters aquire the types of beans they need. As with direct trade, their are pros...

Coffee Sourcing: Direct Relationships
October 5, 2015, 33 minutes

Sourcing transperancy is a highly touted, yet often misunderstood, concept in the specialty coffee industry. Drew and Christian take time in this episode to walk through the process of sourcing coffee directly from producers in origin.

Coffee History, Culture, and Business
September 21, 2015, 28 minutes

The geeks provide a brief overview of coffee's history as a facet of culture, illuminating how this impacts Stone Creek's approach to the biz.

Tasting Coffee Regions
September 8, 2015, 26 minutes

Soil types, weather patterns, and farmer habits vary from region to region across the coffee world. Drew and Christian work in this episode to help you get your bearings as to what you can expect when tasting coffees from one of the 5 major regions.

Tasting Notes: Acidity
August 24, 2015, 21 minutes

Tasting notes can be confusing, even off-puting, at times. In this episode, Drew and Christian attempt to bring clarity to the muddied waters by talking through the major kinds of acidity in coffee and how Stone Creek communicates those aci...

Roasting at Home
August 10, 2015, 29 minutes

Sam Wallman, a prolific home roaster and Stone Creek cafe coach, joins Drew and Christian to bring help, through science, to the lost.

Manual Brewing Pt. 2: Methods
July 27, 2015, 32 minutes

Drew and Christian wrap their discussion on manual brewing by chatting through the pros and cons of some of the most popular brew methods.

Manual Brewing Pt. 1: Variables
July 13, 2015, 15 minutes

Entering the world of manual brewing can be intimidating. Drew and Christian discuss the worthwhile journey, variable by variable, to help ensure ease and quality for aspiring home brewers.

Ideal Water: A Specialty Coffee Non-Negotiable
June 29, 2015, 16 minutes

Endeavoring to bring quality home from the cafe, Drew and Christian share the necessary specs for ideal brewing water, a vital component too often ignored.

Cold Brew, Demystified
June 15, 2015, 11 minutes

Coaxed by the advent of summer, Drew and Christian lay out the coffee science surrounding Cold Brew while casting light on some of the most popular cold-brewing methods.

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