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Temporarily Closing All 13 Cafes

By: Eric Resch


In our Instagram post on Saturday, we said that we will press on with the same heartbeat of learning and care we endeavor to hold always. Over the weekend, we’ve come to believe that the right move for our company and employees is to temporarily close down our cafes and limit our operations over the next few weeks. Effective this Monday, March 16th at 5pm we will be shutting down our company offices and all 13 of our retail cafes in Metro Milwaukee and Chicago. We will be operating smaller crews to support our wholesale customers and our ecommerce sales. We will be providing updated information on the status of our closure on Monday, March 30th.


We are making this difficult decision for three main reasons:

-To care for our employees. We don't want our work family to worry or feel anxious about the continued concern about the spread of the coronavirus in their workplace.

-We can, and should, play our part to “flatten the curve” so that this virus spreads at a pace that is manageable for our health care system.

-Finally, we do not want to inadvertently be part of the community transmission of the virus. Since we don’t know much about current levels of the virus in our community, we personally feel that the safe path is to shut down our retail group.


We will continue to pay all of our employees their salary and hourly wages during this shut down, including covered benefits.


We are staying open until 5pm Monday to allow customers to come by and stock up on beans. However, during our time of retail shut-down we will have free shipping at stonecreekcoffee.com, so we encourage all of our wonderful guests to take advantage of that in order to stay caffeinated during these trying times. Purchasing our coffee online is a great way to continue to support us as we work to make what we believe is the right decision for our employees, our customers and our local community.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through email at customers@stonecreekcoffee.com or by phone at (414) 270-1008.


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