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We're Changing the MKE Cold Brew Scene - Again!

By: Drew Pond



Stone Creek Coffee was the first coffee roaster in the state of Wisconsin to add Cold Brew to its menu some 10 years ago. It's been fun watching this catch on, but now we're stepping up to change the game again. We worked all year to create cold brews that were exemplary in both taste and texture. We sought to deliver unique and accessible brews that would appeal to all lovers of cold coffee while achieving the high quality goals we set for ourselves. We believe we have accomplished that with these two coffees. These cold-brewed coffees will be available in all of our cafes this Thursday, May 10th! Introducing the smoothest cold brews you ever had: Jet Black and Roy G. Biv!


Jet Black is Smooth and features a heavy chocolatey essence. This is a classic, delicious cold brew. It’s a blend of coffees that deliver sweetness with a viscous, creamy mouth-feel. It’s absolutely amazing with a splash (or cannonball) of cream! 


Roy G. Biv is as Juicy as you can get and just as Smooth as Jet Black. This is for our light-roast geeks. It’s complex and fruity. You might say that you can “taste the rainbow” in this cold brew. I wonder if that's trademarked?


Did we stop there? No. No we did not. These coffees form the foundation for a whole menu of cold brew beverages we've developed to take summer to the next level. These beverages include:

  • Cold Brew Palmer - Roy G. Biv + Lemonade. It's simply the most refreshing thing ever.
  • Thai Cold Brew - Jet Black + Cardamom + Vanilla + Cream. This is a Stone Creek classic, built for those looking for something a little outside of the box.
  • Tootsie Roll-d Brew - Jet Black + Chocolate + Vanilla + Cream. Yes, it does taste like a tootsie roll. 
  • Cold Brew Fruit Shakers - Roy G. Biv + Fruit Puree. What's fruitier than fruit? This. Try it in Mango or Mixed Berry.

So, stop into the nearest Stone Creek Coffee cafe this Thursday to start exploring all that Cold Brew can be. Jet Black and Roy G Biv will be available year-round, but our special beverages will only be here for the summer, so get them while you can! Cheers, friends!


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