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Papua New Guinea - Sigri Estate Peaberry

By: Christian Ott

It's been a long wait – finally, we have a new Southeast Asian coffee available at Stone Creek Coffee! I'm excited to tell you a bit about the Papua New Guinea Sigri Estate Peaberry that launches today on our website and retail locations!
Papua New Guinea is an independent country located east of Indonesia and North of Australia on the island of New Guinea, which is the second largest island in the world. Our coffee, the Sigri Estate Peaberry, comes from the Eastern Highland’s region in an area known as the Wahgi Valley.

(Map courtesty of dmaps.com

(Map courtesy of dmaps.com)

The Sigri Estate has been around since the 1950’s.  (An estate grown coffee means that all of the coffee comes from one farm, or estate.  We could The primary varietals planted on this farm are Typica and Arusha (a varietal that originated in Tanzania). This coffee is also a peaberry – a naturally occurring unique bean that grows 1 per cherry (typical coffee cherries grow in sets of two) – it's thought that peaberries often have a more concentrated flavor than other coffees. Coffee is selectively handpicked and pulped within the same day. However, a unique fermentation goes on with the coffee – typically, when you “wash” a coffee, fermentation occurs for around a day. However, this coffee is tank fermented for three days. It is also 100% sun dried, meaning that coffee is placed onto drying patios and allowed to dry from the heat of the day. It typically remains on the patio for a few days until the moisture of the coffee is 10-12%. In addition, this coffee is shade grown, which helps control pests and allows for better stability of erosion.

If you have had an East African coffee before, you know that they are typically heavy in body, but sometimes a bit plain in terms of character (earthy/mossy/low fruit). What really stood out to me on the cupping table was the Sigri’s unique character while still having the typical mouth feel of a Sumatra or Java. You will taste many unique notes – a very dominant blackberry in the middle of your tongue, a crisp apple sensation on the outside of your tongue, thick honey like body on your tongue, and a finish that is reminiscent of baker’s chocolate.

Finally, we wanted to capture part of the unique culture of Papua New Guinea.  Our label shows an example of the colorful and equisite traditional tribal cermonial makeup.   While improvements in transportation and technology has better connected the country, PNG still has one of the largest tribal cultures in the world - a culture that is just as unique as the coffee that come from there!

I'm excited for you to try this coffee! It is a one of a kind cup! Moreover, we'll only have it around for a few months, so don't wait too long!

Thanks and Sip Slowly!

~ Christian




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