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Boneshaker Seasonal Espresso, v.1 - 10/17/2014
Posted By: Christian Ott

Today we're introducing the first of our new series of unique espressos, Boneshaker Seasonal Espresso, v.1.

From the Stone Creek Laboratory: Case Study - Honey Processing Has No Honey? WTH?* - 9/25/2014
Posted By: Christian Ott

*WTH stands for "Where's the Honey," of course. Explore how different styles of honey processing affects the flavor of coffee with our newest Case Study, featuring three Farm to Cup Relationships with farms in the West Valley of Costa Rica.

"Economic Repercussions of Coffee Rust" by John Maguire - 8/20/2014
Posted By: Master Barista

Climate change and coffee rust are the next challenges for the specialty coffee industry, devastating crops and farms across the world. There are ways, however, that savvy coffee consumers can help ensure their favorite coffees will be available for years to come.

From the Stone Creek Laboratory: New Lab Series 8/14 - 8/13/2014
Posted By: Christian Ott

Straight from the lab to your cup, we're launching two new coffees: Costa Rica Puente Tarrazú and Ethiopia Aricha.

"Water Quality" by Matt Gasper - 8/8/2014
Posted By: Master Barista

Have you ever brewed coffee at home and wondered, “Gee, this doesn't taste anything like the coffee I had at the cafe the other day. What's the deal?” For now we'll ignore a myriad of variables that could be causing this (roast date, brew method, grind freshness, etc.) and focus on the largest component of brewed coffee: water.

"The Mystery of Taste Perception" by Joel York - 8/1/2014
Posted By: Master Barista

Ever wondered how you taste and perceive your favorite coffee? Follow this discussion on the science behind tasting, and sip thoughtfully.

Coming soon to the Oriental Theater: A Film About Coffee - 7/28/2014
Posted By: Eric Resch

Stone Creek Coffee is pleased to present a one night only showing of the amazing coffee movie, “A Film About Coffee,” at the historic Oriental Theater.

"If You Can't Drink It, Eat It!" by Amy McLain - 7/24/2014
Posted By: Master Barista

Learn how to experiment with coffee as an ingredient of your favorite dish, and bring out more exotic, complex flavors in your next meal!

"The Rise of Specialty Coffee: Erna Knutsen" by T. Benjamin Fischer - 7/18/2014
Posted By: Master Barista

A driving force for the Specialty Coffee Movement in the United States, Erna Knutsen challenged social norms and has continued to strive for excellence and accountability in the Specialty Coffee Industry.

From the Stone Creek Coffee Laboratory: Case Study Series - How does coffee bean processing affect flavor? - 7/9/2014
Posted By: Christian Ott

On Thursday, July 10th, Stone Creek Coffee will be launching it’s first ever Case Study Series Coffee, called “How does coffee bean processing affect flavor?”

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