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Barista Profiles: Meet Rachel Everson! - 4/12/2015
Posted By: Melissa Perez

Meet our Accounting Manager, Rachel Everson! Rachel got her start in coffee while attending Marquette University...

Barista Profiles: Meet Sam Wallman! - 3/31/2015
Posted By: Melissa Perez

Meet Sam Wallman! Sam started his coffee career because of his devotion to home roasting coffee beans...

Barista Profiles: Meet Hailey Herriges! - 3/17/2015
Posted By: Melissa Perez

Meet Hailey Herriges! Hailey is the Cafe Coach at Stone Creek Coffee’s Shorewood location. Hailey’s inspiration for working in coffee started when...

Field Report #4: What is a Microlot? - 3/10/2015
Posted By: Christian Ott

During my recent trip to Central America, I was reflecting on the meaning of the term "microlot." Read on to check out my observations.

Field Report #3: Who Is Aida Batlle? - 2/26/2015
Posted By: Christian Ott

On my first day at origin, I had two amazing opportunities. I visited Finca Kilimanjaro, a coffee that we featured just over a month ago. I also had the opportunity to cup with and get to know Aida Batlle better.

Field Research Report #2: Altitude vs Attitude - 1/20/2015
Posted By: Christian Ott

Here's my report on our second field report from our origin trip. We ran into a bit of a snag with this one.

We're back from our Field Research! - 1/12/2015
Posted By: Eric Resch

We are back in Milwaukee after 8 days in Guatemala and Costa Rica! On our last day of coffee work, Saturday, we spent the day visiting a micromill in Monte Copey in Dota.

Field Research from the West Valley - 1/10/2015
Posted By: Eric Resch

Eric and Christian are in the West Valley of Costa Rica learning that the crop size is 10-20% smaller this year. Here are a few photos from yesterday's visit.

Field Research Report #1: Why we're curious about the pH of soil. - 1/8/2015
Posted By: Christian Ott

Greetings from Guatemala! On this trip, one of our primary goals was to gain a better understanding of soil – not only of its composition – but how that composition affects the coffee.

Ring of Fire launches today - 1/8/2015
Posted By: Christian Ott

No, Johnny Cash wasn’t playing at the farm when we sourced this coffee. And no, lava was not shooting out meters away when we picked this coffee. Ring of Fire is just a fun way to talk about the coffee nearest the apex of the volcano, Acatenango.

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