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Dom Triliegi and the Coffee Force - 8/3/2015
Posted By: Drew Pond

"A coffee Jedi, Dom values wisdom and knowledge above all else."

Barista Profiles: Meet Michelle Zelinski! - 7/20/2015
Posted By: Melissa Perez

Michelle can testify deeply to parental influence as she traces her love for coffee back...

Burundi Microlots from Long Miles Coffee Project - 6/26/2015
Posted By: Eric Resch

Today we are launching two Burundi microlots; Gaharo Microlot 7 and Bukeye Special.

New Farm to Cup Coffees Available - 6/18/2015
Posted By: Ana Sorum

Learn more about three of our coffees launching today...

Say Goodbye - 6/16/2015
Posted By: Eric Resch

We are saying goodbye to some old friends. This Thursday, June 18th we will say goodbye to a number of our classic series coffees. We will bid farewell to Sumatra, Dark Sumatra, Brazil, Cinnamon and our current Dark Guatemala.

Barista Profiles: Meet Jason Dama! - 5/26/2015
Posted By: Melissa Perez

Jason is a technical savant, the master of machines, the colossus of coffee clout...

How Does Roasting Affect Flavor? - 5/21/2015
Posted By: Christian Ott

A Case Study on three different roasts of coffee from MICEPA, Costa Rica.

Barista Profiles: Meet Anna Dood! - 5/12/2015
Posted By: Melissa Perez

Anna, the Master Barista at our Shorewood Cafe, balances her passion for coffee

Coffee and roasting terms that sound dirty but aren't... - 5/11/2015
Posted By: Melissa Perez

We take our coffee pretty seriously, but sometimes we can't help but laugh over terminology...

Barista Profiles: Meet Matt Gasper! - 4/27/2015
Posted By: Melissa Perez

Always exuding contagious passion, Matt easily classifies as a “super geek”...

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