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Join us April 21, meet Edgar Cabrera Cozza - 4/17/2014
Posted By: Eric Resch

Meet Edgar Cabrera Cozza, producer at San Sebastian Farm + Mill, located in Antigua, Guatemala. Here is your chance to meet a coffee producer and learn more about what it takes to grow truly special and unique coffees.

The Agtron numbers on our bags - 4/7/2014
Posted By: Christian Ott

Are you wondering what the numbers on our Lab Series are saying about the coffee you're drinking? We have decided to include Agtron numbers on the label (instead of a roast finish temperature).

Cyclo Cross of the Century! - 4/3/2014
Posted By: Melissa Perez

Stone Creek Coffee is proud to sponsor the Cyclo Cross of the Century this year at the Door County Century Bike Ride, coming up on September 6th 2014.

Lab Series - Quisaya 20 and Quisaya 37/41 - 3/27/2014
Posted By: Christian Ott

Two lots, same farm, same harvest, same variety, same altitude... completely different from one another while both are amazingly delicious.

The Long Road - 3/6/2014
Posted By: Melissa Perez

The odyssey for meticulously roasted beans is one many of us don’t know or fully appreciate. Here's our info-graphic of the long road coffee travels to get from seed-to-cup.

Pardon the mess! - 2/18/2014
Posted By: Melissa Perez

Blame Eric! We're remodeling all our cafes the next 6ish months. Each cafe is scheduled to have a 2-week face-lift. Learn more about how this impacts the specific SCC cafe you frequent the most.

A very busy Valentine's Day! - 2/13/2014
Posted By: Melissa Perez

We’ve got a lot going on Friday, February 14th: flower arrangements, coffee hearts, lab sessions, gift card sale, last minute ideas for Valentine ’s Day shopping, and fundraising for the Philippines... [Phew!]

We've launched our new series of coffee! - 2/6/2014
Posted By: Melissa Perez

We've provided an info-graphic for a convenient - and FUN - visual experience to summarize what we're up to!

Customers Love Day at our Bay View Cafe - 2/3/2014
Posted By: Melissa Perez

Join us, Friday, February 7th from 6-10PM. Showcasing the musical stylings of B.J. Fisher, Milwaukee singer/songwriter. There will also be drink specials and raffle prizes. XOXO

Field Work, Day 9 - 1/21/2014
Posted By: Sam Brown

Sam's Blog on Field Work, Day 9 in Costa Rica: Tarrazú

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